April 2017

Virtulan will be Benelux biggest indoor LanEvent. We talk about a lan EVENT because we think it’s not just about the lanparty but a whole lot more. There will also be room for Esports, entertainment, music, workshops, cosplay and so much more.

Virtulan will focus on implementing VR in the Lan-industry.
When you think ‘VR’ you probably think of the Oculus Rift® and the VR headset of PlayStation® but we’re thinking big, so come to Virtulan to check out the new generation of VR gaming.

What's New

Bubble Soccer

27 January 2017

After spending several hours – enthusiastically - behind the screen, it's time to stretch your legs.
And what better way to do this than playing some soccer.

VR Skydiving

26 January 2017

Para Parachute!


26 January 2017

We are proud to announce that DJ X-TOF is coming to Virtulan !!