April 2017

Virtulan will be Benelux biggest indoor LanEvent. We talk about a lan EVENT because we think it’s not just about the lanparty but a whole lot more. There will also be room for Esports, entertainment, music, workshops, cosplay and so much more.

Virtulan will focus on implementing VR in the Lan-industry.
When you think ‘VR’ you probably think of the Oculus Rift® and the VR headset of PlayStation® but we’re thinking big, so come to Virtulan to check out the new generation of VR gaming.

What's New

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20 January 2017

We have some great news!

Delta Six

19 December 2016

First-person shooters are an absorbing experience. They challenge your physical game-playing skills, while also putting your mental toughness and endurance to the test.


16 December 2016

This treadmill will be @ Virtulan, so come and see, explore and test it out!!!