New Date 04 May 2018

Dear All,
After careful consideration, we have decided with our partners that we going to postpone the first edition to a new date, we wished it could be sooner, but that was not possible for all parties. Therefore we have carefully chosen the Weekend of the 4th of May 2018.

Bubble Soccer

After spending several hours – enthusiastically - behind the screen, it's time to stretch your legs.
And what better way to do this than playing some soccer.

But let's go the extra mile and let's play soccer while wrapped in a 'bubble'. 
This will give without any doubt some hilarious scenes.

The rules are similar to classic soccer. Only, there’s no use for a goalkeeper, since he cannot use his hands and "bumping" other players is highly recommended.


VR Skydiving

Para Parachute!

A demo that throws you out of a plane into a virtual landscape. This while you are strapped in a harness and hanging in a frame with some fans, to give you the experience of skydiving.

It's a combination between an Oculus Rift Game and a interactive frame, together they form a realistic Parachute simulation!

Try it @ Virtulan

Tickets now available

We have some great news!

Our ticketsale is online...
Go to our SHOP and buy now your early bird tickets with 10€ discount!
You better be quick, because there are only 500 early bird tickets available !!

Here is a first floorplan of the BYOC halls.

As you can see you can choose between a seat in the main hall and a seat in a more 'quiet hall'.


This treadmill will be @ Virtulan, so come and see, explore and test it out!!!

Some good news !!!

As we say in Dutch “ the bullet is through the church”  ☺

We finally can announce that VirtuLan will take place @ FLANDERS EXPO in the heart of East Flanders.

In the vicinity of the halls, there are 4,000 parking spaces, we will provide you with more information about the parking as we approach April 2017.