New Date 04 May 2018

Dear All,
After careful consideration, we have decided with our partners that we going to postpone the first edition to a new date, we wished it could be sooner, but that was not possible for all parties. Therefore we have carefully chosen the Weekend of the 4th of May 2018.

What if you already bought a ticket ? Well very easy, you will be contacted this week with the question if you want a complete refund or a upgrade to VIP Tickets!! for those who bought VIP tickets we have something special in mind.
It has been pretty calm on our Media channels, that is because we were working very hard in the background, to come up with a plan to win your trust. It has been clear that there is a lot of distrust in the community. And after spoken to some key figures in the Lanscene, we made a plan.

Virtulan is more than a” Lanparty “concept, It is also a VR arcade gaming hall. The plan was to anounce the opening at the first edition. Now we will use it to organize some smaller events and host some boot camps and tournaments which will be live-streamed. but more about that soon! On these events everybody will be welcome, there will be something to drink, a place to talk and get to know the crew and ofcorce to ask Questions! The first “get to know us “event will be at Facts spring edition 01-02 April 2017.
It has been brought to our attention that people don’t have a complete picture of what Virtulan “ the event “ IS. That’s why we will update the website to make that more clear and make it more user friendly. we will post more frequently about our sponsors and updates.

It is with great Passion that i organize this event, and i hope to welcome you all at
VirtuLan 2018 Chapter One

With Regards
Stefan Empis
CEO Zelus It Solutions